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Information Technology

We are currently experiencing a degradation of service within Outlook.
For some users, Outlook is taking a long time (2-10 minutes) to load pausing on the "Loading Profile" part. If you are experiencing this, please wait for Outlook to open and then do not close the program.
If Outlook does not open or take an excessively long time to open, please contact the Help Desk so that we can get the issue documented and call you back with a resolution as soon as we have one. In the meantime to check email please navigate to: https://outlook.office.com

Help Desk Info

Email: helpdesk@fredhutch.org
Phone: 206-667-5700

{CMI: MCID1669075}

Updated: Tuesday July 23 09:43AM

Center Status

The Center is open and operating under a normal schedule.